Since 1909, Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Group has met the needs of our customers and business associates through our core business of Timber & Plywood; while also offering products & services from our growing synergistic business segments which include Building, Construction & Infrastructure materials supply.

Our principle philosophy is that the best companies are not simply the largest and most famous but those which gain the respect of their customers, employees and society at large. These same companies seek to maximize profits and search for long term solutions. At Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Group, we are always mindful that our performance and reputation are a direct function of our devotion and determination to achieve total customer satisfaction in all our activities. From our sales team to our corporate board, we strive for the highest possible levels of satisfaction among customers, business associates, and employees.

We are determined to play a critical role in ensuring that Indian Infrastructure becomes of a world class repute. Infrastructure development creates wealth and enables individuals and families to prosper, while playing a vital role in the health of our country's economy.

Thank you for choosing Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Group as your trusted Building, Construction & Infrastructure materials partner.

We are eager to serve your needs and count you among our satisfied business associates.

Yours sincerely,    

Farouk S. Darvesh
Oosman S. Darvesh
Joint Managing Director
  Ebrahim S. Darvesh
Joint Managing Director