The major thrust of our professional activities, and core area of competence lies in sourcing Timber, steel, construction materials and vending value-added end products through timber processing and closely monitoring steel bar and other Building, Construction & Infrastructure material production for quality and time efficiency. In the past two decades, activity in timber, steel, building, construction & infrastructure material trade has witnessed exponential growth. This growth has empowered our group towards manufacture & supply of processed value-added Timber, Plywood, Veneer, Block Board, Chip Board, Medium Density Fibre Board (MDF), Flush Doors, Aluminum Composite Panels, TMT Steel bars, CTD Steel bars, TOR 40 Steel bars, Binding Wires , Cement, Glass , and allied Building, Construction & Infrastructure materials.

At FSD Group we continually expand our already extensive product range and support it with comprehensive technical knowledge & expertise to ensure high level of services, that our customers have come to expect of us.

Our purchase policy is guided by environmental concerns, and we ensure that our approved vendors & our manufacturing units follow environmentally safe and internationally accepted practices.