At Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Group, we are only too aware of the environmental challenges facing our business.

Protection of the environment and the prevention of ecological system are essential considerations for a company whose core activities benefit the environment by reducing the impacts of cutting down of illegal forestry and investing into wood products that are ECO FRIENDLY to produce and use farm forestry as a raw material rather than the natural forests.

FSD Group takes a multi-pronged approach to caring for our environment. We encourage our staff to take responsibility for the environment, by reducing waste, conserving energy and preventing pollution.

Over the past two decades, our energy costs have gone lower and our focus has been towards farmer's plantations rather than natural forests thus contributing to the ecological balance and improving the economic situation of the farmer.

Caring for the ENVIRONMENT is not just a philosophy it is the way we conduct our business. We continuosly identify opportunities to create economic and societal value in the communities within which we operate and use our expertise and resources in the best possible manner for making a meaningful impact.