Farouk Sodagar Darvesh Group is actively looking out for plantations, concessions in the Forestry sector all around the globe. This year we've been involved in extraction of TEAK plantations in a few countries in South East Asia and South America. We are looking out for TEAK and other Timber plantations for sale World wide to cater to the growing demand of this Timber.

We are also interested in hearing from government and commercial organisations owning land or plantations of TEAK who would like to export this Timber from their country. We can enter into any sort of arrangement beginning with buying out the plantations, having a royalty on per tree arrangement, do the extraction and logging operations ourselves, fund the extraction operations, give a 100% guarantee of buying all the Teak from the plantations, and even invest in downstream sawmills and wood base industry in that particular country. If you have new concession projects or TEAK plantations belonging to private owners, commercial organizations, or the government of any country and would like to realize maximum value then, please e-mail fsd@fsd-co.com with a brief summary of the plantation available and we will call you to discuss further.

Plantations or Concessions from the Forestry Sector of TEAK, PINE, FIR, and MERANTI are our primary Focus.

To give the Plantation or Forestry concessions details simply send us an email on fsd@fsd-co.com

If you are not sure whether your particular Timber species plantation is the one we are interested in or not contact us by email on fsd@fsd-co.com