• Burmese Teak

• African Teak

• Iroko of West African Origin

• Red Meranti & Red Wood of Malaysian Origin

• Silver Oak

• Pine & White Wood of Chilean, Romanian, New Zealand & Canadian origin

Decorative Timber:

Ash, Cherry, Oak, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, Beech & Rose Wood of US and European Origins.

All of the above timber is available in logs, square and cut section sizes which can also be Kiln Dried or Air Dried along with Chemical Copper Chrome Boric treatment on customer’s request.


Paneling, Door, Frames, Windows, Hand rails, Skirting, General Mouldings, Exterior Cladding, Furniture and Furniture Parts, Turning, Dowels, Handles, Cabinets, Sports Goods, Musical Instruments & Flooring.